Our goal is to connect individuals and organizations to their higher purpose. By coaching through transitions, to cueing up emerging and established leaders, we facilitate your personal and professional growth in a new digital economy.

Only 1 out of 4 employees think training programs help their companies perform better.  However, research shows that they believe coaching gives them 2x the performance management value to help them outperform the competition.*

In today’s age of digital disruption, companies are experiencing lower employee engagement as organizations are being transformed by innovative new technologies and global market factors.  The human impact this is having on teams include (a) being faced with greater uncertainty, (b) more pressure with less time to strategize, and (c) the need to gain clarity to rapidly assess and make decisions.   As a result, workplace stress levels are on the rise, and support for real-time personal development isn’t accessible.

At DigitalQ, we want to close this gap.   We believe that online coaching will ultimately help people perform better in their jobs, make the best  decisions, and adapt to rapidly changing environments while supporting their personal growth in a new digital economy.

*Source:  McKinsey research 2018

In today’s competitive digital economy, emerging leaders are your most valuable asset. 

Drawing on over 20 years of hands on digital agility and experience, our focus is on coaching your people, your core promotable individuals, the next generation to take future leadership roles and starburst innovation.  

Per the ICF (International Coaching Federation) definition, we partner with clients in a “though-provoking  and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  

Rahim Moosa

Founder & CEO

Rahim uses his personal life experiences to encourage those he is in service to, and he prides himself on being accessible to everyone.  Status and titles don’t matter to him.  He grew up in Flemingdon Park (a low income area of Toronto) and was born with an innate desire to serve those in need.

Rahim’s career launched during the .com era at the Hudson’s Bay Company, and he brings a wealth of digital experience to clients by drawing upon his diverse expertise practicing as a business coach.  He is also working towards an executive coaching certification (CEC) at Royal Roads University.  Having consulted or been a part of teams with major North American brands including Apple, Blackberry Inc, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Edelman Public Relations, IBM and WestJet Airlines, Rahim recently spent three years at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as a Senior Director where he was one of the founding members of their Digital Commerce team.  He is a former Board member with the City of Toronto Yonge Dundas Square and has volunteered with many non-profit organizations including The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), York University, and Hope Air.

Rahim’s genuine qualities in coaching are his empathy, compassion and ability to provide straightforward feedback.  Most of all, he is unbiased and truly wants to support others in their growth either personally or professionally.