Coaching is a professional partnership between the coach and the client (a.k.a. coachee) in achieving their targets.  It is not counselling, consulting or mentorship.  In fact, the coaching agenda for each session is driven by the client.  Anything is up for discussion, but the scope of work is based on the professional and personal goals that the client defines.

The goal of each conversation is enable the client with self discovery,  establish goals and objectives, and to develop actions to fulfill their vision.  

Coaching is not a means to provide direction.  Our belief is that the client has the innate capacity and capability for self-actualization from awareness.  

We as coaches present this awakening of opportunity to the client over the course of the engagement and move the client forward in the direction they so desire. 

Ultimately, coaching is results oriented and the coach is an independent thinker working interdependently with the client.

It’s an easy step.   After you book your free introductory phone call with Rahim (30 minutes), you’ll have the opportunity to assess whether he will be the right collaborator for your coaching needs.

As our roster expands, we will have more coaches available to you.

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Absolutely.  We are bound by ICF code of ethics and confidentiality rules.  Visit 

Yes, if you prefer to meet in person, that is an option.  Arrangements can be made to meet at your place of business, provided you have the privacy to book a suitable space.

The fee will be assessed after an initial conversation .  Generally, the coaching contract is for a 3-month period, bi-weekly for 50 minutes.   Talk to your coach about your budget and they will work with you.

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