We provide personalized coaching for emerging leaders, artists, executives and business professionals.  Expertise includes coaching for performance, leadership development, and career transitions.  Ultimately, we accelerate personal development within the context of business objectives and organizational core competencies.  Our vision in coaching is to connect individuals to their highest purpose of being in the world, to embrace their full potential and to evoke their personal greatness.

Consulting spans digital innovation, strategy and analytics for an array of clients including financial services corporations, marketing agencies, startups and non profit organizations.  By facilitating workshops or advisory work, we can ideate with your team to envision a future state, surface the key capabilities required to grow digital sales, re-engineer customer experiences, and exceed core business objectives.  Work products include customized roadmaps and project implementation with specialization in Google and Adobe products.

From personalized coaching as a primary service, we develop breakthrough change to help individuals become self aware of their own capabilities, their innate gifts and talents, while driving to a results oriented plan.

All goals are personalized, completely driven by the client, and the client is expected to hold accountability for their actions. 

Per the ICF (International Coaching Federation) definition, we partner with clients in a “though-provoking  and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”   

Rahim Moosa

International Coach Federation (ICF) Member

Founder & Certified Executive Coach (CEC)

Rahim’s career launched in the .com era at the Hudson’s Bay Company, and after 20 years in the corporate sector, he is now practicing as a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), d
rawing on his corporate experience having led or consulted with companies including Apple Inc., BlackBerry Inc, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Edelman Public Relations, IBM and WestJet Airlines.   He is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a mentor with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), a former Board member with the City of Toronto Yonge Dundas Square, member of the Customer Advisory Board for Adobe, and has volunteered with non-profit organizations including the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), York University, and Hope Air.

Rahim’s genuine qualities in coaching are his empathy, depth of intuition and ability to provide direct feedback to enable client awareness.

Companies are implementing new technology in order to improve productivity and exceed customer expectations. However, in an accelerated era of digital disruption, employees are (a) faced with greater uncertainty, (b) have less time to strategize, and (c) need clarity to rapidly assess and make decisions.  

Here are some facts:

1) The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is under 20 years, down from 60 years in the 1950s.*

2) Despite 78% of companies believing in the importance of digital and transformational leadership, only 5% have strong digital leadership development programs currently in place.*

3) 78% of HR leaders are more concerned about the talent shortage today than they were a year ago.  Interestingly, 75% of employees who are voluntarily leaving jobs “quit their bosses, not their jobs.” *

4) Only 1 out of 4 employees think training programs help their companies perform better.  However, they believe that coaching gives them 2x the performance management value to help them outperform the competition.*

“New” companies (and startups) are recognizing the positive link between job control, and employee well being.  These organizations are creating cultures of autonomous decision making, harnessing innate creativity from their employee base to take on more decision making accountability than was the case in previous generations.   By providing employees with more job control, they become individual transformation agents, guarding against micromanagement.  These agile working teams work together with a higher purpose vision to eventually replace the traditional corporation, one built on yesterday’s model.

 The “new” organizational model replacing the “old” has a key ingredient, specifically, a coaching culture built into its foundation, designed to empower people with autonomous decision making confidence and personal growth, all the while fulfilling a larger vision.*

At DigitalQ, we want to close the leadership gap and help organizations and people succeed.   We believe in accessibility to coaching for everyone, not just for executives.  Our goal is to help individuals perform better in their jobs, to make the best decisions, and to rapidly adapt to performance driven change –  all the while supporting their personal and professional growth to achieve their greatness.

*Sources:  Credit Suisse, Deloitte Human Capital Trends, Spherion, Bain and McKinsey research, Forbes, CNBC, J. Pfeffer, “Dying For a Paycheck:  How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance – and What We Can Do About It.”